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Who we are

When you choose Innovative Roofing & Restoration, you’re choosing one of Texas’ best roofing contractors–a company you can count on for quality and reliability. From new installations to emergency repairs and storm damage and leaks, Innovative is your source for fast, affordable solutions that will last for years to come. With Innovative Roofing & Restoration you can always rest assured you’re getting superior products and workmanship at a competitive price. 


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Installation Skills

Your roof is your home’s main defense against the unpredictable and often severe wind and hail conditions of the Lone Star State. Let Innovative, among the best Houston roofing companies, walk you through great options tailored to your needs and your personal style preferences. When you make your choice, we’ll make it happen with expert installation.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your roofing and gutters, Innovative Roofing & Restoration is the Houston roofer that has you covered. Request a free estimate to discuss our six different types of roofing composition and our many energy-efficient, eco-friendly options!

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Lifespan-Lengthening Maintenance

Aging and exposure to harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on your roof. Ignoring small problems leads to big headaches down the road. Know the condition of your roof…Start with a free inspection today by the Houston roofer you can trust–Innovative Roofing & Restoration!

Contact the Innovative team of roofing contractors when you’re ready to discuss your ideas. We’ll help you choose the best solution for your needs and your budget, then put together a customized quote… free, no pressure, no obligation!


Innovative Roofing & Restoration’s all-encompassing approach promises to provide exceptional quality in home and building restoration services. Innovative’s well trained and courteous team members are committed to being the top-notch resource for Texans looking for the finest roofing, painting, restoration, and insurance claims assistance. After 20 years, the company remains determined as ever before that no one comes close to matching the high level of professionalism demonstrated by Innovative Roofing & Restoration.

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Our Services

Innovative Roofing & Restoration is a full-service residential and commercial roofing and restoration company. We are experts in roofing as well as solar, siding, patios, windows and doors. Whether you need a repair, new installation or routine maintenance, we can cover it all.

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Wind, Hail, Water, Fire Restoration

The leaders at Innovative Roofing & Restoration have vast experience in insurance restoration work, as well as large loss adjuster expertise. Texas is notorious for catastrophes involving wind, hail, flooding, and fires. We exist to respond with the services you need no matter what the crisis.

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Insurance Claims Assisstance

Insurance companies want policyholders to get their property back and better than ever after damage from a covered event, but adjusters don’t always detect all the damage to a roof. Get a fair claim to restore your property fully… Let Innovative Roofing & Restoration back-up your adjustment with a thorough inspection.


Roofing is just one of our passions and areas of expertise. For two decades, Innovative Roofing & Restoration has been driven to help its Texas neighbors prepare their property for whatever blows our way, and when wind, hail, water, or fire does bring harm to their homes and buildings, we’re determined to get them back to normal. Roof replacement and repair, painting, water damage remediation, emergency service, concrete work.. We do it all and we do it well!

When There’s an Emergency,

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Are You in Need of Roof Replacement?

Unlike re-roofing, which involves laying a new set of shingles over existing shingles, a roof replacement involves the tearing off of the roof’s top covering of shingles or tiles, older layers of roofing from past re-roof jobs, as well as the underlayment, flashing and everything else, right down to the deck. Then Innovative’s highly skilled roofing contractors apply new felt paper and a brand new layer of shingles to ensure long-lasting protection for your property. While Innovative Roofing & Restoration will always consider lengthening the life of your existing roof with quality repairs, sometimes a roof replacement is the only way to go. After all, you don’t want to take chances on the most important prospective component of your home or building– your roof!

Many factors could point to the need for a new roof. First off, consider the age of your roof. If it’s approaching or has exceeded its expected life span, it’s probably time for a roof replacement. Likewise, if your roof has been experiencing major problems, such as consistent leaking, missing or deteriorating shingles, damaged flashing, large, unsightly patches of moss or mildew coverage, or plummeting energy efficiency, consider a new roof.


If you’re like most people, a new roof or other home improvement job can be a strain on your pocketbook. But, there’s no need to let mere money stand between you and the strong, safe structure you need for your family or business. When it comes to roofing and other home improvements, Innovative Roofing & Restoration offers convenient financing options.

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From commercial and residential roofing to excellent roof repairs and much more. Our experienced team is here to restore your property using the latest modern roofing tools and techniques. Call Innovative Roofing & Restoration today to get started on the roof restoration that your property deserves!

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Professional Hail Damage Assessment Report

Our team of experts will determine the damage your home received from the recent storm damage afflicting Houston, and we will provide you this at no cost to you. Make sure your property is safe and secure with our roofing experts at Innovative Roofing.